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        Guan Gong is a figure deeply believed in by the people since ancient times and is highly respected. The bronze statue of Guan Gong occupies a large part of the bronze figure sculptures. Its shapes are diverse and its meanings are different. What are the taboos and stresses of worshipping Guan Gong in the home?



        1. Guan Gong, the God of wealth, is the God of wealth. He must face the gate before he can lead wealth into the gate. Therefore, Guan Gong's worship must be in the direction of the gate.



        2. When placing the statue of Guan Gong, the God of wealth, at home, it cannot be placed side by side with the ancestors, because the ancestors are the gods of the house and cannot be on the same level as the gods of heaven. However, the ancestors can be placed in front of or below the gods of heaven, so as to achieve the function of Attracting Wealth, bringing happiness and ensuring peace.



        3. Before worshipping the statue of Guan Gong, you must ask the master of Dade to open the statue of Guan Gong. Only in this way can you have the spirit of protection and fortune. Otherwise, it can only be used as a handicraft and cannot achieve the effect of protection.



        4. Before inviting Guan Gongxiang, you should first prepare three fruit trays and serve incense for three consecutive days in the morning. Then you can serve incense according to your own time. If conditions allow, three incense sticks in the morning. If conditions do not allow, one in the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year and one in the morning of the fifteenth day of the lunar new year. When inserting incense into the incense burner, it is best to insert it in the center of the incense burner. As for the above three incense sticks, first insert them in the middle, then insert them on the left and right sides. The incense candles in the middle should be slightly higher. The moral is that the heart is blessed. When kneeling down, you should throw yourself to the ground; When flattening, straighten your body to show piety.



        5. The offerings should be changed once every 3 days or so, and they should be kept fresh. Fruits and snacks can be used. The removed offerings can be eaten by the family, and it is very good to cure diseases and avoid disasters.



        6. The statue of Guan Gong should not be touched by outsiders, especially the eyes and Guan Gong Dao. When you are unlucky, you can turn the handle yourself to help transport.



        7. Once a week or half a month, the statue of Guan Gong and the altar should be cleaned to ensure that they are clean and fresh. The altar and the statues should be kept clean and free from dust. The altar should be regularly cleaned and worshipped throughout the year. Only in this way can the wealth and prosperity of wealth be achieved.



        It is worth reminding that while worshipping Guan Gong, we must take Guan Gong's spirit of "loyalty, righteousness, benevolence and courage" as the criterion for our conduct. We should be honest and do things in good faith, be kind to people, and be fair and just. Only in this way can we get Guan Gong's blessing and protection, and also can we turn bad into good and everything goes well. Guan Gong will not be blessed and protected if he is dishonest, selfish and deceitful.


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